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Our order processing is computerized, allowing us to monitor each order as it goes through research,development, manufacturing and on to shipping.

Chemical manufacturing requires a total commitment to quality, safety, research, versatility, and customer service. Dipal Chem Pvt. Ltd. has earned a reputation for having that commitment.

Integrity is an important word around Dipal Chem Pvt. Ltd. Integrity is at the heart of our product development and quality control as our products move toward the customers' end uses. Sophisticated quality control always begins with the best raw material and continues with consistent performance in the laboratory.

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest in analytical instrumentation, placed in the hands of expert technicians. This combination ensures rapid and accurate analysis of incoming raw materials, in-process products, and final products.

Our laboratory staff includes organic chemists, analytical staff and plant technicians. Our personnel use high performance liquid chromatography, capillary gas chromatography and UV-vis spectrophotometer and fully automatic beaker dying machine.

Statistical analyses of quality control results are employed to minimize batch-to-batch variations and to make procedural adjustments, ensuring that finished products are on specification in every shipment. This kind of attention provides customers excellent products that will give them reliable performance in their plants.

Extensive safeguards are built into every manufacturing process. Employees are given regular training in safe work practices, emergency response procedures, and environmental protection. The company's manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping areas are designed to prevent loss of liquid or solid materials to storm drains, municipal sewers, and ground water.

All laboratory research is conducted under strict policies and guidelines to ensure safe handling of new and exploratory chemicals and combinations.


We have a full-fledged packaging & shipping department that ensures a safe delivery of your orders. We use only 100% virgin new HDPE Blue Drums/Barrels for the safe and reliable packaging of your goods. We have a dedicated staff that keeps a constant vigil at the entire packaging process to avoid any damage to the cargo.